Alabama university raises tuition 5%, cites inflation

Citing rising inflation and budget deficits, an Alabama university is increasing tuition by 5%.

Trustees at the University of North Alabama in Florence voted unanimously last week to increase undergraduate tuition by $20 per credit hour. Graduation tuition and the $30 per credit hour general semester undergraduate fee will remain the same, the university said.

“Our Board of Trustees passed a $4.3 million budgetary deficit for FY22, and we project more than a $5 million budgetary deficit for FY23,” said Evan Thornton, Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer. “The university manages its resources conservatively and has the lowest administrative overhead in the state, but rising inflation, flat tuition for the past three years, and multi-year budgetary deficits necessitate this modest increase.”

The increase brings the total cost of attendance to $18,080 annual, up from $17,220 in 2021-22. The additional money will “help offset inequities in state support and enhance academic programming,” UNA said.

University officials said UNA has increased scholarships for students with more than 72% receiving funding to help pay for education.

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