Becoming Elizabeth – Episode 1.06 – What Cannot Be Cured

EPISODE 106 – What Cannot Be Cured

Airdate: July 17, 2022
Written By: Emily Ballou
Directed By: Udayan Prasad

Thomas’ actions have implicated Elizabeth, and whilst under house arrest, Elizabeth must clear her name as she is interrogated by the Lord Dudley. The Lord Somerset is rocked by his brother’s actions, and with Thomas in the Tower, faces the furious council and the badly shaken king who demand action. Mary comes to London to face her disgraced little sister, and Elizabeth finds herself out of favour once again as Mary comforts Edward after his ordeal.

As the rebellions reach a peak in Norfolk, Somerset sends the Lord Dudley and his sons to crush it. Elizabeth is left without Robert and the Lord Somerset is left without an ally, which the council takes full advantage of, deciding it might be time for a new Lord Protector, or perhaps, a Queen Regent instead.

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