Dead Air Sierra 5 | First Impressions #shorts

Just something quick that you may find cool. Just got our hands on the new Dead Air Sierra 5 and though we’d give you our first impressions. Cool little can.

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“This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All guns displayed off the range are safety checked and only displayed pointing in safe directions. All footage at the range is private range and the gun is handled by a Range Officer certified by the National Range Officer Institute. This video is not promoting or attempting to sell guns. Sale of guns is heavily regulated and I am not associated with any federally licensed firearms dealer. The actions of all firearms displayed are unmodified and presented as commonly available from original equipment manufacturers. This video is not instructional on building or modifying firearms. Nothing has been done to increase the rate of fire or lethality of the firearms displayed nor would I advocate making such modification as it presents a huge liability and potential risk of harm or death.”


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