EA Sports College Football 24 Release Date Confirmed? (NCAA Football Game)

Another reiteration from EA says we’re getting EA College Football 24 in July of 2023. When do you think EA College Football will be revealed and eventually come out? Cannot wait for EA College Football 24 and any bit of info we can get, a trailer specifically, until then at least we have CFB Revamped (NCAA 14).

I started an NCAA 14 CFB Revamped Dynasty! We’re playing as Akron with really tough sliders. The recaps every game will be done in the style of NFL Primetime so be on the lookout for the Alabama game next! Join me for the Dynasty journey where I will also be naming recruits after subscribers that want to be a part of it!

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – New Article on EA College Football
00:59 – New Info on Release Date
01:18 – Who’s in?
01:40 – NIL
02:08 – Do you care about player names?
02:30 – What do you think?

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