Episode 68. Interview with Ali Manning

In this episode, we chat with Ali Manning: food scientist, food educator, author, and founder of Umami Food Consulting.

With over ten years in the food industry, she utilizes her passion for food, science, and community to help food entrepreneurs tackle the issues

beyond the kitchen. Ali is the Program Consultant for Project Green Fork and the creator of Food Science 4 Kids, a program that

teaches grade-school children food science. She recently published her first children’s book, entitled “Can I Play with my Food?” a book that

explores food and science through the eyes of two sisters, Nema and Lexi.

Ali is a graduate of Alabama A&M University and a Huntsville, AL native, but after being a transplant for nearly 12 years, she truly considers

Memphis her home. Aside from her day-to-day businesses, she loves to skate with her “Memphis Skate Hotties”

community, explore the Memphis food scene, travel, and create content with her husband and personal photographer Brian Manning

(@photos.bybe). Learn more about her passion for food science, and all things creative at Ali-Manning.com


00:00 – 1:41 Intro of episode

1:42 – 2:39 Intro of Makendra Ezell our summer intern

2:40 – 3:29 Who is Ali Manning?

3:30 – 4:59 What inspired Ali to write ” Can I play with my Food?”

5:00 – 6:54 The story behind the book

6:55 – 7:54 What had driven you to become the successful woman you are today?

7:55 – 8:49 Ali gives advice to young people…

8:50 – 11:06 Ali talks about her hobbies

11:07 – 12:19 What does a food scientist do?

12:20 – 13:22 How to pursue being a food scientist?

13:23 – 14:41 Ali gives advice on how to be a motivational speaker

14:42- 15:59 Message for listeners

16:00 – 16:59 Closing with Ali

17:00 – 17:39 Ali social media handlers

17:40 Outro and give away

Website: Ali-manning.com

IG: aliglad_carpediem

Email: info@umamifcc.com


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