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Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant kicked off the second half of its third season on June 28, and viewers got to see Rachel Beavers, Kiaya Elliott, Brianna Jaramillo, and Kayla Sessler meet up in LA to film segments for the Teen Mom OG reunion. Brianna, who has been living on her own and working at a doctors office for the past 6 months, was the first to arrive on the west coast. But when Kayla showed up, they got together for some pool time and venting.

Brianna revealed that her past relationship with Briggs took a toll on her mental health. She said he often made her feel like she wasn’t worthy of his love, and she often beats herself up over it. But Kayla, who’s dealing with her own fair share of relationship drama, told her to stop being so hard on herself. Then, Kayla revealed that cheating on Luke “felt so good” because he had previously cheated on her and made her feel so “depressed” and “trapped”. She further said that there’s “so much drama” going on at home with them that the LA trip “couldn’t have come at a better time”. She was looking forward to the trip giving them some time to focus on themselves and see where they might go from here.

Two weeks prior to the trip, Luke caught Kayla talking to her ex again. She suggested they take a break to try to figure out what they both want, but he said they tried that and she just ended up running to her ex, so he didn’t want to do that again. But after her drama with his family and the abortion she chose to have, Kayla said she’s feeling “exhausted” and “drained”, and they both don’t know how to let go of the past and move forward.

Anyway, Brianna and Kayla later met up with Rachel and Kiaya for a late-night dinner, where they all said how the show has been “therapy” for them, and they each feel fortunate to have this platform to share their stories.

Meanwhile, back in Ohio, Madisen Beith is reintroduced. She took a break from the show last season, but now she’s back and a lot has changed for her. She is back together with Christian, but she and her dad Nick question if her and Christian can make their relationship work. Especially because Christian mainly plays video games and doesn’t help her with their daughter. Plus, Madisen’s dad and Christina got married, so she and Christian are living in Christina’s basement at the moment, so they’re under a lot of stress.

In LA, all of the girls said they’re frustrated with their co-parenting situations. Kayla told Kiaya that Stephan Alexander barely asks about their son, Izaiah, and Kiaya told Kayla that she’s worried about how her ex will be when he gets out of prison. And Brianna told her sister that she gets aggravated by the way her mom parents her son, Braeson, when she’s not around, while Rachel said she and her mom should seek therapy to help their relationship. So all around, everyone wishes their home life was a bit different than the way it currently is. So as they left LA and headed home to their separate locations, everyone hoped things would soon get better.

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