Lunch with Live in America → Alabama

Add some art to your lunch break! This video is part of a series in which the Momentary talks to the thinkers and makers of the upcoming 2021 Live in America Festival. During this episode, we’re joined by Sumter County, Alabama facilitators Shana Berger, and mother-son duo Glenda and Gary James. During this virtual conversation with Carra Martinez, director of Live in America, and Cynthia Post Hunt, programmer of theater and dance at the Momentary, the group discussed southern living, collaboration within the community, and the vulnerability of hospitality.

Live in America is a multi-year research process and festival created and developed by Austin-based nonprofit arts organization Fusebox. The inaugural Live in America Festival will take place at the Momentary on October 13-24, 2021, and will present more than 300 artists from eight distinct communities across the US, its territories, and Mexico by way of 30 events over the course of two weeks.

Live in America explores how festivals might be programmed communally, pushing the boundaries of form, function, and social impact within the contemporary performing arts genre. All programming for the festival has been selected by a diverse team of artists and facilitators, including members from each of the eight communities, which include Northwest Arkansas; Las Vegas, Nevada; the Apache, Diné, and Pueblo nations of Albuquerque, New Mexico; the sister cities of El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Mexico; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sumter County, Alabama; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Detroit, Michigan.

Live in America is supported by The Walton Family Foundation.

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