Retarded 6 year old boy does the dumbest thing ever! #shorts #alabama #grayson #atlanta

The parents of a 6 year old borderline retarted kid/low IQ/Handicap kid whatever y’all wanna call it already has all kinds of health problems an especially on his back. going up an down a hill of a lawn at full speed is making is head tilt back an forth. Nothing is stabilizing his neck an due to the simple fact his head weighs more then is little body he’s like what no more then 30 lbs. With the head being oversized an all the hard playing around in the electric mobile wheelchair his head being so heavy an the ground is real rough an uneven with all the stop an goes full speed then when it’s time to stop his heavy ass head is jerking his spine an giving it more curvidger an at the same time is what’s popping the hardware out. The strap that around his chest an his waist ain’t doing shit to protect that fragile neck of his. This is the reason why eventually he started having difficulty getting oxygen due to the simple fact especially with stop his heavy head is bending his spine even more leaving him with a spine that eventually started to crush his organs.


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