The SpoilerTV Hall of Fame Page *Updated 20th June 2022*

Hey All,

As you know since we started the site we’ve run various Competitions and Cups. We thought that it would be a good idea to have a “Hall of Fame” page that we can update when we have new winners, and for you to see all the past winners.

If we have missed any please let us know in the comments below.

Update: 20th June 2022 Added the SpoilerTV Award 2022 Winners
Update: 31st December 2021 Added the Show of the Year winner
Update: 19th August 2021 Added the 2021 Show Cup Winner
Update: 20th July 2021 Added the 2021 Character Cup Winner
Update: 26th June 2021 Added the 2021 Episode Cup Award Winners
Update: 8th June 2021 Added the 2021 SpoilerTV Award Winners
Update: 31st December 2020 We’ve added in the past winners of the Staff and Readers Shows of the Years
Update: 24th July 2020 Added the 2020 Character Cup winner.
Update: 8th July 2020 2020 SpoilerTV Episode Cup Winners Added
Update: 1st June 2020 2020 SpoilerTV Award Winners Added
Update: 22nd Sept 2019 2019 Favourite TV Series Winners added
Update: 30th July 2019 2019 Character Cup Winners added
Update: 6th July 2019 Favourite Episode Winners added
Update: 23rd September 2018 Added the 2018 SpoilerTV Show Award Winner.
Update: 16th August 2018 Added 2018 SpoilerTV Awards Winners.
Update: 31st July 2018 Added 2018 Character Cup Winner.
Update: 8th July 2018 Added 2018 Episode Cup winner.
Update: 25th January 2018 Updated with the Performers of the Year Winners. We’ve also added the 2016 winners as well.
Update: 23rd September 2017 Updated with the 2017 SpoilerTV Show Cup Winners
Update: 18th August 2017 Updated with the 2017 SpoilerTV Award Winners
Update: 10th July 2017 Updated with the 2017 Episode Winners
Update: 18th June 2017 Updated with the 2017 Character Cup Winners.
Update: 9th July 2016 Updated with the 2016 Episode Winners
Update: 7th June 2016 Updated with the 2016 SpoilerTV Winners
Update: 24th July 2015 Updated with the 2015 Character Cup Winners
Update: 3rd July 2015 Updated with the 2015 Episode Cup Winners
Update: 27th May 2015 Updated with the 2015 SpoilerTV Awards Winners

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