BREAKING NEWS About STOLEN Alabama Senate Race – This Is BAD

BREAKING NEWS About STOLEN Alabama Senate Race – This Is BAD
If there’s one thing we learned about the presidential election last year, it’s that liberals will do whatever it takes to win. We constantly heard incidents of voter fraud taking place, where Hillary’s minions were voting multiple times, and buses of people were being be transported into key swing state counties in order to throw the vote. Last night Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race, where liberals are disgustingly throwing the win back in our faces this morning, calling the victory a “stinging snub” to President Trump. BUT UNFORTUNATELY FOR LIBERALS, JONES’ WIN IS BEING IMMEDIATELY OVERSHADOWED BY THE SHADY TACTICS THE USED TO “WIN,” AFTER SEVERAL DISTURBING REPORTS ARE SURFACING ABOUT WHAT WAS REALLY GOING ON AT THE POLLS LAST NIGHT.
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