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Alabama Police Officer Deletes FB Account Minutes After Social Media Expose'

Not 20 minutes after being outted as the wife or romanic partner of Unite The Right Organizer with Neo-Nazi ties, Danny Wolf, Enterprise Alabama Police Officer Nina Jo Rossi deleted her Facebook account to try to conceal her relationship with the white supremacist Unite The Right organizer.

In the video her love comment can be seen on Danny Wolf’s timeline, and then immediately upon a refresh of the page it disappears as she had just deleted her Facebook account.

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8-13-18 edit: I have just realized that the post Nina Rossi expresses her love to Danny Wolf in was originally a private post, and was made public after Nicholas Large’ asked if he could share it. So when Nina Rossi told Wolf she loved him, it was being done privately.

8-13-18 Further clarificaiton of timeline: I created a thread on reddit’s Alabama subreddit informing Alabama that a police officer in their state is married to or otherwise in a relationship with a Unite The Right organizer who was working with the Hammerskins. After less than twenty minutes of creating the post in the subreddit, the post was locked, and Nina Rossi had deleted her facebook account.

8-14-18 edit: Major update to the story.

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