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Money Machine blows cash into Alabama National Fair starting Friday

The forecast is windy with a chance of cash when the “10 best days of fall” kick off Friday in Montgomery.

Get ready for the Blizzard of Dollars money machine, a new addition to the Alabama National Fair that will have guests grabbing at flying green through Oct. 17 on the main stage inside Garrett Coliseum, 155 Federal Drive. 

“It blows the money up in the air,” said Randy Stephenson, the fair’s executive director. “You’ve got 35 seconds to grab all the money you can get. There will be at least $1,000 in there every time we do it.” 

Make sure to bring your smartphone to the fair, because here’s how it works:

Eligible fair guests who want to step into the machine should text “MONEY” to 78000 to get instructions. 

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