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MPD prepares to set up public safety checkpoints | Mobile County Alabama News

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) — The Mobile Police Department is set to roll out public safety checkpoints in four areas of the city tomorrow evening.

Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste says these areas have had increased criminal behavior as well as complaints of accidents involving uninsured drivers.

“We tried to look from a geographical standpoint how can we address some of those concerns,” said Battiste.

Officers will be checking to make sure drivers have their license, registration, insurance, and a valid tag. It’s a process that should move quickly if drivers have everything readily available. But things could get complicated if officers see anything illegal.

“If an officer sees a guy riding and there’s a weapon sitting on the front seat and he can see it in plain sight that’s called probable cause,” said Battiste. “He has the right to ask a question about that.”

The hope is that the increased visibility will help deter anyone looking to commit a crime.

“It increases the perception of those individuals that would most likely go out or have an intent to go out to commit crimes in our community to say hey there are a lot of those guys out there tonight,” said Battiste.

Some believe the checkpoints will be helpful.

“I think it’s a good thing for the mobile police department to be out there checking on people making sure everything’s ok,” said Jay Rosa.

“I feel like everyone should have driver’s license and registration as it is. Legally,” said a Mobile resident. “So I think it’s good the city’s doing that”

While others feel it won’t slow down crime too much

“The police… they’re going to be at checkpoints. They’re going to be talking with other people so like I said if people want to get the crime done they will,” added a Mobile resident.

The checkpoints will start at 5:00 tomorrow evening and will be in place until midnight.

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