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Prichard City Council approves new entertainment district | Mobile County Alabama News

Prichard council members say “It’s time.”

Thursday night they voted for the city to have its own entertainment district.

It was a unanimous vote with one person abstaining.

Councilwoman and President Ossia Edwards was the only one who abstained from voting on the matter.

Many citizens feel like this is exactly what the city needs, and expressed those feelings at the public hearing.

“This entertainment is desperately needed,” Prichard resident James Jackson said. “Today its come to pass, make this entertainment district happen.”

The proposed entertainment district is approximately bounded on the north by Love Joy Loop North and West Rebel Road.

On the east by South Craft Highway; on the south by East Sweeney Lane and on the west by Love Joy Loop West. 

Prichard Resident Charles Drum who lives in that area doesn’t like the idea.

“Maybe in a few years you might can have an entertainment district but not now,” Drum said. “Its not gone be close to them in that district, sure they want it. They don’t give a so and so about nothing in that area.”

But one business owner in the area is all for it.

Andria Cunningham who owns “Yo Hair Plug” on Wilson Avenue says this is exactly what the city needs.

“It’s definitely something here to be had. I have people come from Mississippi, Louisiana, Foley all the surrounding areas come right here to get what I have,” Cunningham said. “So I know if they want to be entertained they will come also, they will travel.”

Many of the council members who voted in favor of the entertainment district say they can’t wait to see what growth and progression this will bring to the city.

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