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Publix ending free prescriptions at its pharmacies

Publix pharmacies across its seven-state operating area will end a free prescription program on June 1, according to flyers circulating to customers this week.

“Orlando area Publix Super Markets are distributing warnings to customers that the company’s free prescription medication program is ending on June 1st,” according to a report in West Orlando News on Sunday.

This means that some prescription medications that were previously free at Publix will no longer be offered at no cost. A visit and calls to several pharmacies by The Ledger verified the report.

Lakeland-based Publix Supermarkets Inc. operates at least 1,200 pharmacies across seven states, according to an October post on its blog: The Publix Checkout.

Publix pharmacies in many Central Florida communities have been sending notices to customers that program that offered certain prescriptions for free is ending June 1.

Publix announced in 2020 that it reached a milestone of 100 million prescriptions filled under its free medication program, the West Orlando News said. At the time, Publix said they were “proud to provide a service that helps our customers afford their medications.”

A notice being handed out to customers in some Central Florida stores this week said, “While we are no longer offering medications for free, many will still be available at Publix Pharmacy at little to no out-of-pocket cost with most insurance plans,” according to the news report. 

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