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Sweet Home Alabama: Yellowhammer State ranked sixth most popular relocation destination in 2021

Alabama was the sixth most popular state for Americans to relocate to in 2021, according to United Van Lines’ Annual National Movers Study.

United Van Lines, a moving and relocation company, cites the COVID-19 pandemic as being one of the primary driving forces behind Americans’ desires to move to lower-density areas of the nation.

Alabama, in comparison to other states across the nation, allowed for a higher degree of freedom during the height of the pandemic regarding business closures, masking requirements, curfews and other government-instituted restrictions.

The study showed that of overall inbound and outbound moving in 2021, Alabama experienced 62.1% of inbound activity. Aside from Florida, Alabama topped all bordering states as the most popular destination for movers.

Nearly 75% of all inbound activity came from non-retirement-aged individuals.

United Van Lines surveyed those who chose to relocate in 2021 and asked what their main reasons were for making the decision.

According to the study, more than 45% of respondents chose the state of Alabama due to job opportunities. Alabama over the past few years has experienced unprecedented economic growth, paving the way for record job statistics.

In a statement to Yellowhammer News, Gov. Kay Ivey celebrated the study’s findings and spoke to the state’s business-friendly economic climate.

“Here in Alabama, we know that our state is a great place to call home,” declared Ivey. “It’s no surprise that folks from around the country are catching on to our secret and moving here in record numbers. We have more jobs than ever before, a second to none business climate, an abundance of natural beauty, low taxes, great people and so much more. As I like to say, thank God we live in Alabama.”

Under the Ivey administration, Alabama has seen over $18 billion worth of new capital investment and nearly 45,000 jobs created. Additionally, more than 2 million individuals are currently employed in Alabama, which is the most in state history.

The study also notes that nearly 27% of individuals who moved to Alabama did so for family purposes. Over 16% decided to retire to the state, with nearly 13% making the move for lifestyle enhancement.

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth told Yellowhammer News that the exodus of people from other states into Alabama was a result of conservative policies that the state had enacted.

“As a result of Alabama’s Christian values, low taxes, strong economy, and belief in personal responsibility rather than government mandates, our state is among the fastest growing in terms of individuals and families moving here,” proclaimed Ainsworth. “The expanding military presence resulting from the work of the Alabama Military Stability Commission that I chair and the rapidly growing aerospace industry have played a role, as well.”

He concluded, “Trends indicate that the majority of those relocating to Alabama are also deeply conservative Republicans who are fleeing the liberal policies and socialist economics being practiced in other parts of the country. I’ve often said the Alabama is a special place to live, work, worship, and raise a family, and others are now discovering the truth of the statement.”

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL

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